Three Generations of Metal Artistry

Garces Design San Antonio-based, Garcés Designs is a multi-disciplinary, artistic metal design and custom fabrication firm serving commercial and residential clients throughout Texas. The company boasts deep roots with founder, Melinda Garcés, having learned metalworks from her father, Othon Garcés, as he learned from his own father.

The Garcés' work is admired throughout many prominent landmarks and businesses such as the St. Anthony Hotel as well as historical homes in San Antonio, Alamo Heights, Olmos Park and the Monte Vista National Historic District.

Taking Shape

Melinda Garces
Like her father, Garcés developed an appreciation for the dynamic use and craftsmanship of metalworks. Growing up, she helped him in his workshop as she observed the process of solid steel being transformed into intricate ornamental pieces. She left the business to earn a business management degree from Southwest Texas State University and to acquire time management, customer service and client development skills in various corporate environments.

Today, her passion for artistry and dedication to serving clients produces custom pieces that meet the highest expectations in design, quality and efficiency. Her innovation has taken the capabilities of the Omax Waterjet machine to the next level. Although typically used for fabricating machine parts, Garcés Designs utilizes the waterjet's power and precision to create distinctive architectural and art pieces designed from both CAD and hand drawings.

Vision and Versatility

Waterjet machine capabilities include complex spline cuts, curved scroll cuts and straight cuts to be interwoven within the overall project design. Clean, smooth cuts are the hallmark of the technology when applied to nearly any medium: iron, wood, stone, granite, marble, ceramic, glass, brass, plastic and metal alloy.

Through the ingenuity of our designers and expertise of our artisans, Garcés Designs creates pieces that fit the unique vision of its clients. From design to fabrication to installation, attention to detail marks every phase of craftsmanship.
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