Artistic Metal Works

Garcés Designs is a premier waterjet design and fabrication company serving commercial and residential clients in San Antonio and throughout Texas. We specialize in using computer-driven, precision waterjet cutting machinery to craft both traditional and contemporary designs with a variety of materials including stone, iron, metal, ceramics and glass.

From ornate scroll detailing to streamlined business signage, the waterjet can cut any design from any material of any size. Garcés Designs creates pieces that fit the unique vision of its clients. The only limitation is the imagination.

Our Technology

Through a collaborative approach, we work with architectural, design and contractor professionals to create custom horizontal and vertical applications. Our precision waterjet cutting machine surpasses the accuracy and efficiency of a laser cutter, and our seasoned team of metal artisans can work with CAD drawings or provide professional design services.

Three Generations of Experience

Garces design Company founder Melinda Garcés draws upon the legacy of metal artisanship of her father and grandfather. In a 5,000-square-foot facility, she works with master blacksmiths versed in the fine art of iron forging as well as high-tech waterjet machine cutting. Come visit our facility to see how Garcés Designs combines Old World craftsmanship and modern technology to create one-of-a-kind pieces.
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