Abrasive Waterjet Machine - A Cut Above the Rest

Garcés Designs founder Melinda Garcés invested in the Omax 55100 Waterjet machine to meet the needs of clients seeking precision fabrication in metal and other materials.

Guided directly by CAD drawings, the abrasive precision waterjet cutting machine combines a high-pressure water stream and a garnet abrasive to cut even the hardest materials, including iron, marble, granite, stone, ceramic, glass and metal alloys. Yet, because the machine abrades at room temperature, even materials with low melting points are ideal for applications.

Client Industries

Construction/Commercial Industry: Custom design and efficient fabrication meets the needs of builders, designers, architects and business owners needing ornamental irons or signage.

Architects/Artists: From the simple to the ornate, the waterjet can craft art pieces and sculptures composed of a wide range of materials and thickness.

Machine Shops and Manufacturers: The waterjet can dramatically accelerate the machining process and reduce costs when parts require near-net shaping. Since the waterjet uses a cold cutting process, it does not harden edges or warp materials.

Suitable Applications

  • Architectural: Limitless designs created with time and budget efficiency; versatile range of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, marble, granite, ceramics, glass and mild steel
  • Artwork: Computer-generated artwork, sketches, scanned drawings and any other 2-D designs requiring any thickness of sheet or plate
  • Signage: Any logo design or lettering style cut from any material or thickness
  • Thick Materials: Capable of cutting 12-inch thick materials
  • Heat-Sensitive Materials: Machine-hardened metals and materials with low melting points
  • Machine Parts: Near-net or final shapes, including holes, cut from any material or thickness without creating a heat-affected zone; produces a smooth, satin finish.
  • Production Quantities: Maximization of material usage, minimum kerf loss, efficient nesting
  • Prototypes: No tooling or setup charges when most designs are submitted through CAD files
  • Composites/Mediums: Simultaneous cutting of materials with different machining properties
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